What can Indonesian PSSI do to battle Football Mafia?

PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) Executive Committee are disclosed that there are score setup in the previous First Division of Indonesian League matches. Madura FC manager, who revealed that fact. Madura Manager FC (Januar) mentioned the fact in the Mata Najwa talk show which was broadcast live on local TV Trans7. Playing in the last eight of the 2018 league, Madura FC was asked to succumb to members of the PSSI executive committee to succumb to PSS Sleman in the last eight of League 2.

The PSSI Executive Committee issued and guaranteed that Sleman would budge and until it issued a figure of 100 million, the Madura FC Manager refused Do not because this was not good, then raised again to 110 million Rupiah still refused. After that he (PSSI Executive Committee) might be upset until he threatened to buy all Madura FC players. This means that you can buy Madura FC players by bluffing so that the Madura FC Manager wants to budge.

According to him, this should not be done by Exco members, Exco as PSSI officials but why do such a thing. Even Exco invited him to work together in the big four parties. Januar (Madura FC Manager) did not know the reasons behind the setting of the score.

After the incident, he reported the matter to the PSSI disciplinary secretary, but he did not respond. Then the problem is viral, so the person is called by PSSI. And he explained before the ranks of the PSSI that there were individuals from the Slamen who offered a score arrangement. The person wants the first match to be won by PSS Slamen and then it will be won by Madura FC.

Finally the match was won by Madura FC with a score of 2-1 at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Slamen, 2 May 2018. The two teams met again at the cage of Madura FC, Sumenep. Madura FC won the match again with a score of 1-0, the PSS Sleman winning goal was an own goal by Madura FC player Choirul in the 83rd minute.

But the question continues whether PSSI Executive Committee are able to disclose the mafia behind the matches. We will only be able to see once they take stern action.


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