Vettel slips to second position after penalty at Canadian GP


Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari lead driver, lost the race to Mercedes champion Lewis Hamilton at Canadian Grand Prix. He blames FIA’s over regulation in Formula 1 Sport for his loss.

Vettel was handed over a five second penalty for his unsafe re-entry on the track. This lead to victory of Hamilton even though he finished behind the German at the second position.

The penalty lead to straight seventh victory of this season for Mercedes, with Hamilton finishing 1.342 seconds behind the German.

“For me, the old Formula One drivers and the people in the grandstand would agree that’s just part of racing,” said Vettel. “Nowadays, I don’t like it. We all sound a bit like lawyers using the official language. It gives no edge to the sport. Ultimately, it’s not the sport I fell in love with.

“Obviously it hurts me today, because it impacts my result, but it’s bigger than that. The way we are doing things now is wrong. We have regulations for everything.”

Vettel managed to start the race from pole position and lead the race until 48th lap which took a turn for him.

He was being tailed by Hamilton and under-pressure Vettel lost control of his car and went off track. He ran into grass but managed to fall back immediately.

Vettel’s return on track blocked Hamilton from passing and he had to forced his car to slow down for him.

“I came through the corner and was quicker at that point and I was trying to apply pressure,” said Hamilton. “It’s not too often you’re able to push a four-time world champion into an error, but it came. I continued the corner, was on the line and the gap closed. It looked like we were going to crash so I braked to avoid a collision. That was the one window.”

The stewards initiated the investigation and announced that Ferrari driver “re-joined unsafely and forced another car off track”, for which he was handed over a five second penalty.

“When I was coming back on the track I was just trying to make sure I had the car under control,” said Vettel.

“Obviously I knew Lewis was somewhere behind me. When I looked in the mirror, he was right there.

“I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong. I don’t think I could have done anything different.”



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