Vettel admits Charles Leclerc entry at Ferrari will change its outlook


Sebastian Vettel relation with Ferrari will be challenged through performance by the young entrant to the team.

Kimi Raikkonen is set to leave Ferrari after joining them in 2013. The German joined the team in 2014 after winning four world championship titles at Red Bull Racing.

The Finish has spent four years with Vettel at the same garage where they have represented Ferrari side by side. However, the Italian manufacturer will enter next season with new appearance as Charles Leclerc will be replacing the 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Sebastian Vettel, four times world champion, also nodded to the same idea that Leclerc entry to Ferrari will change the dimensions of how he played for four years. He admitted that the Monégasque won’t sit back and watch.

The young lad is more ambitious and will be giving tough time to the German. He will be challenging for the seat of lead driver at Ferrari

Vettel said, “Charles is not Kimi and Kimi is not Charles. I’m sure he wants to beat me and I want to beat him too.

“The rules of the game are clear to everyone. That was no different with Kimi. The key is that we work together on the track.”

Vettel was deemed to keep Raikkonen on the team rather than bringing Leclerc in for next season.

Robert Doornbos, former F1 driver, expressed his opinion that Ferrari opting for Leclerc rather than Finnish driver depicts that they are interested in changing the way they have been operating for the past four years.

“The fact that they have chosen Charles Leclerc for next season and not Kimi, as desired by Seb, indicates that they no longer always listen to him,” Doornbos said.

“I always understand the wish of the late Sergio Marchionne to put Leclerc in that other car.

“Vettel has to be challenged and Kimi does not [do that].

“So they put a young dog next to him and then we see what happens.

“The German has now had four years, time for a fresh wind.”

Charles Leclerc is believed to shift the dynamics of F1 where he will be challenging five times champion Lewis Hamilton, four times world champion Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

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