Valve Presents Frosthaven and Rubick Arcana Event, The Magus Cypher!

On Thursday, December 20, 2018 there was a surprise presented by Valve. Yes, according to the title that is an event with the name Frosthaven which is also accompanied by the release of the latest Arcana from Rubick’s hero.

This presence certainly brings fresh air after almost no exciting activities or events for a long time.

Seeing the saturation that is of course the presence of this event is able to bring more interest to play for those who are bored. Because indeed an identical snow event at the end of the year sees the Christmas and New Year taking place.

Then, Valve brings the Frosthaven event that you can enjoy. What are the contents? Let’s discuss Frosthaven as well as the uniqueness of the Arcana from Rubick, The Magus Cypher!

Frosthaven: A Frostivus Story

Maybe your miss with the Diretide event on Halloween will be cured soon. Because, Valve brings one of the game modes, namely Frosthaven.

Frosthaven is a game that is more or less the same as the Dark Moon event in 2017. Contains 5 players who protect the temple or Selemene temple from the Dark Moon Horde.

Source: Valve

But this time we will fight against the Grand Magus troops themselves who are ready to destroy the Frostivus tree.

A total of 5 heroes will defeat one after another a battle wave to greet the Spirit of Frostivus, and of course there are prizes awaiting.

Because in addition to getting the opportunity for rolling sets or Dota 2 items, of course there are jackpots as usual. Especially if it’s not a legendary messenger, Baby Roshan. Yes, with the Christmas theme Valve embodies Immortal Gingerbread Baby Roshan.

With an unusual face and stature, certainly no one would want to reject the cute monster from hell. But as usual too, getting it won’t be as easy as we imagine.

Magus Cypher Arcana and Immortal Crux of Perplex

Source: Valve

As a winner, Rubick’s vote system is entitled to receive prizes from the international Dota 2 community. With this victory of The Grand Magus, Rubick will reach the next Arcana.

After Io and Pudge, this time Rubick is ready to bring the nuances of a new battle with the presence of Arcana named Magus Cypher. This arcana is also unique because the cloak displayed will change color from the stolen hero spell.

There are a total of 115 spells that have their own nuances. But reported by the Dota 2 page, you have to open it yourself like a mission to see changes in existing skills.

Take for example when Rubick takes the Chronosphere from Faceless Void, then the Magus Cypher robe will be purple. Whereas if you take Ravage from a Tidehunter it will turn light blue.

In addition to the color of the robe, there are new nuances with the green cube icon or Rubick according to the name of the hero. This presence certainly brings a new playing experience, as well as a variety of sets that can make Rubick even more cool.

Of course there is also a complementary Immortal for Rubick under the name Crux of Perplex. Its function is to change the animation from the Steal skill from Rubick. The great thing is the color of the Arcana will adjust to the item.

For those of you who want to see more information, you can visit the main link here. So how? Interested in buying it? Try your medal according to your style, because what’s the point of a good item but can’t play?

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