Three-place grid penalty for Grosjean crash at Spanish GP

Haas Romain grosjean

Romain Grosjean is penalized for three-places at grid for next grand prix at Monaco.

Haas driver swept two more cars, Reanult’s Nico Hulkenberg and Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly, with himself on the turn three at Spanish Grand Prix.

Grosjean explained his decision to steward after which he was awarded the peanlty.

He said, “I lost the rear end of the car and tried to put it back as long as I could but it just didn’t work. I don’t think there was much to do.

“If I’d braked, the car would have slid the same way, so I tried to stay on throttle to spin it and at least not face a lot of people. It didn’t work and I don’t think there were anything different than that.”

Hulkenberg Remarks

Hulkenberg took to grass to avoid crash with Haas but it took rear tyre of his car forcing him to retire.

He said, “He spun and came back into the track. I couldn’t go anywhere, couldn’t avoid him and he took the back end of my car, there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t avoid him, unfortunately.

The German referred to Grosjean’s liking of spinning on tracks by adding, “He (Grosjean) didn’t look great in that scenario, generally he likes spinning, but on the first lap is not a good time to do it with everyone there. He has to look at it and do some work on himself.”

Steward’s Verdict

Stewards found his decision, to cross the track, faulty and is responsible for crashing two more drivers.

The stewards’ decision stated: “The driver stated that he made the decision to cross the track, trying to avoid the other cars and that he felt this was his best option.

“The stewards found that while it is speculation as to where the driver’s car would have ended up had he chosen other alternatives, it is certain that while crossing the track in front of the following pack of cars, which he chose to do, that a collision occurred.

“Further, in reviewing the video, the Stewards found that the car was following the line on the left side of the track and was almost fully off the track, when he made the decision to cross it.”

Grosjean defended himself, “I guess it’s quite a normal, human reflex. If you look at Rosberg in Malaysia in 2016 with Vettel doing what I did, Michael (Schumacher) in Abu Dhabi in 2010. Honestly, if I’d have braked, I think I’d have stayed in the middle (of the track) and it would have been the same thing.”


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