Shaikh Salman ‘urged to stand for Fifa leadership’

Shaikh Salman, the most intense man in Asian football, says “senior” figures in the amusement have instructed him to keep running for the Fifa administration.

In a letter to individuals from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) official advisory group, the 49-year-old Bahraini said he is not yet an applicant.

But he said he had been urged to stand “by a growing number of senior football administrators, Fifa members and personalities of public life”.

The elections will happen in February.

The due date for the contender to present the significant research material – together with letters of backing from five football affiliations – is 26 October.

Sepp Blatter will venture down as president of world overseeing body Fifa in February.

Shaikh Salman, the president of the Asian Football Confederation, openly supported Uefa manager Michel Platini for the Fifa administration in July.

In any case, he now seems open to venturing forward himself taking after the Frenchman’s 90-day suspension.

Human rights group Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain has composed to Fifa requesting that it keep Shaikh Salman from standing, claiming “unethical behavior” while he was president of the Bahrain FA.

Platini, 60, is suspended as Fifa examines reports that he got a £1.35m installment in 2011 from Blatter, who is likewise suspended. Both deny any wrongdoing.

In his letter of 18 October, Shaikh Salman said he had not “actively considered” running and added: “More importantly, I am not a candidate today.”

He additionally asked AFC administrators to counsel with him and give their perspectives, demanding he won’t decide until he has gotten notification from them.

“You and the AFC membership that you represent are the people that I am responsible to and whom I am elected to guide and serve,” he wrote.

“Without seeking your views, I would fail in my duties. It is largely in your hands if I accept the challenge.”

Shaikh Salman said he would likewise take counsel from dear companions, consultants, and his family before choosing whether to be a competitor.

His AFC presidential battle was eclipsed by charges that he was complicit in human rights misuse amid professional vote based system challenges in Bahrain in 2011, something he strenuously denies.

In the interim, an “extraordinary” meeting of Fifa administrators is relied upon to affirm on Tuesday the presidential race date of 26 February will stay unaltered.

The continuous change procedure is additionally anticipated that would be talked about, with Francois Carrard – the administrator of the Fifa board of trustees analyzing different alternatives – because of present an upgrade.

Shaikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, 49-years-old, was born in Bahrain. He is the cousin of the King of Bahrain. He has been President of the Asian Football Confederation since 2013.

Left: Sepp Blatter, Right: Shaikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa

Left: Sepp Blatter, Right: Shaikh Salman Bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa


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