Sepp Blatter claims: I and Plantini are Blameless

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Blatter was invited to French radio. FIFA suspended president has been forced to leave, but not consumed at all. “It is too easy to put all the errors in my shoes. Football has never been so well run as it is now. I remain committed to the sport.”

Next February 26th, will vote on who should replace Sepp Blatter at the head of the World Football. Blatter himself could not come because he was suspended in December for eight years, because he had violated the code of ethics of FIFA. He talked with former French international Luis Fernandez, who presents the popular Luis Attaque soccer program at RMC.

“I am also very disappointed with many corruption cases are now coming to light. It is too easy to put all the errors in my shoes. The North and the association of South American football have committed a crime. It is not the responsibility of FIFA. We do not even have the right to audit of their activities. ”

“I’ve done so much for football. I am now forced separation is depressing. Football is spinning ever so good. But there are situations where you cannot resist. This is a coup and then you have friends suddenly no longer. ”

“I cannot suddenly take away from football. I am a servant of the sport and I will remain so after 41 years. FIFA has defined my life and those of FIFA. I have never taken a salary, but always receive what I got. I never touched the money I have earned by working. I’m not rich. I have my mother’s house in the village and vacation, but that’s all.”


Sepp Blatter has banned by FIFA from football events activities. (

“I may be partly responsible for what happened today, but I’m not the only one. But this image of FIFA not affect dramatically. FIFA has more than 40 employees. Despite all I hope that FIFA persist.”

Blatter also spoke about the suspension of Michel Platini. UEFA President received a suspicious payment by Blatter in 2011. “There is a verbal contract and it is a legal contract. It was the Swiss law and the code of FIFA. ”

“Platini is innocent, like me. In case there is no mistake. This is an accounting problem, not a moral issue. There is a contract and you have to keep you. That’s my philosophy.”

“I cannot participate but some federations have in my opinion been asked about the election. But it was not easy for my successor. Now I can do nothing more so I cannot help him in the transition period. FIFA beheaded on that day I, Jerome Valcke and Michel Platini is suspended.”

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