Sad news from ATP WORLD TOUR finals

Well the news has taken with storm all tennis fans that Roger Federer has withdrawn from the ATP World Tour final against Novak Djokovic because of a back injury. The  Swiss magician announced in front of fans at O2 Arena that he was “not match-fit” for the final
Federer  had beaten Stan Wawrinka 4-6 7-5 7-6 (8-6) earlier in a thrilling semi-final lasting two hours and 48 minutes.The other player who managed to make it to the final was Novak Djokovic , the serbian if won the match will be having hold the ATP Trophy for fourth time.Swiss star who had won the tournament for six times told in front of camera about his with drawl in doubles prize ceremony._78994635_novak_djokovic_celebrates2_getty
“I’m sorry I’m not fit to play,” he said. “I hope you understand.
“I did everything I could. I took pain-killers, had rest until the very end, but I just cannot compete at this level with Novak.
“At my age it would’ve been a risk.”
Federer is scheduled to join Switzerland team-mate Wawrinka for the Davis Cup final against France next week , he is having trouble with his back bone from last year .We saw him suffering during the match aginst  Wawrinka .
Federer did not complete his post-match media duties until after 01:00 GMT on Sunday, and missed his scheduled practice session at O2 Arena in the afternoon.
It is not new for tennis stars to quit at last moments, ahead of big games. In past we have seen Maria Sharapova and Spaniard boy Rafeal Nadal to bag pack themselves from courts because of back injuries. Swiss star who had been criticized because of his sinking performance, former players’ have been putting the blame on his over age. Number of his seniors has advised him to retire from courts and put an end to his glorious tennis playing. But Federer has said number of times to media speculation that he is not yet ready to give up his racket.
Well a king of tennis fan can pray for his health and can only moan on not witnessing another classy cheese match. But best of luck to newly become father Novak Djokovic and father of twins beloved Federer.

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