RRQ.Eggsy Will Appear in 2019 eChampions League Event

Ega “RRQ.Eggsy” Rahaditya recently received an invitation to compete in an international title, FIFA 19 eChampions League. The tournament, which is arguably the digital version of the Champion league, will be held on the upcoming 26-27 April 2019 in Manchester, England. This competition is one part of the FIFA 19. Esports long circuit. Ega will face 63 other players from various parts of the world to compete for a total prize of US $ 280 thousand.

This event is the first event titled eChampions League (ECL) in the FIFA 19 esports circuit series. Compete against players from various parts of the world, this competition might arguably be very heavy for Ega. The reason, eChampions League is followed by big class players in the FIFA 19 world sports arena.

Names like F2Tekkz, MsDossary, and Nicolas99FC participated in this competition. Not to forget there are also FIFA eNations Cup champions, Vitality Maestro, which certainly makes this eChampions League match even more fierce. In addition to the RRQ.Eggsy appearance, this competition is also required to be watched because of the rivalry between participants who are now becoming increasingly fierce.

One of them is the rivalry between F2Tekkz and MsDossary. The two players are the highest ranking players in the FIFA 19 Xbox arena. F2Tekkz is a British wonderkid, a record scorer, managed to collect six trophies throughout the FIFA 19 Global Series.

While on the other hand MsDossary is a defending champion from eWorld Cup. He is also the only pro player who won a major competition for three consecutive seasons. This year alone, he has raised two major competition trophies.

Facing a heavyweight player like this, what is the chance for Eggsy? We talked a little with Achmad Fadh, the community manager of the Indonesian Gaming League. He said that Ega actually had a chance in this competition. “In my opinion, if Ega performs its best performance, I’m sure Ega can reach at least the top 8.”

Ability and mentality, Eggsy is indeed well trained. This is because he has eaten a lot of salt acid competing in the international arena. Last time, he managed to become the runner-up to the SEA qualification from the Bundesliga Virtual competition; although unfortunately this position is not enough to make Ega get the opportunity to compete in Germany in the Virtual Bundesliga final.

In the final round, he must be defeated by players from Thailand. He lost 2-0 to the best of 3 series. At that time, Wisuwat, who was the opponent of Ega, was mentioned by him as a great player because of his composure. When asked about Eggsy’s enemies in this competition, Fadh also mentioned other names besides F2Tekkz and MsDossary.

The name is Maestro and also Nicolas. The name is also the top FIFA 19 Global Series points standings player. Noted, currently Nicolas is ranked number one, while Maestro is ranked 3rd in FIFA 19 Global Series for PS 4 platform.

In addition to giving a challenge, meeting tough opponents like this certainly also gives a special experience to Eggsy. Let’s pray that Eggsy can get the best results on the eChampions League title and be able to make Indonesia famous on the international stage!

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