Ready to be on F1 Track: Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica believes that he is ready to be on track of Formula 1 with Williams next year.

The 32-year-old suffered a fatal accident in 2011 rally, which had paralyzed his F1 career for seven years.

Last week Kubica tested for Williams and will be participating in simulator driving team this week before the selection is made.

“The most important thing is the confidence is there and the belief I can do it is there,” he said.

The Pole is being accompanied by Sergey Sirotkin, Pascal Wehrlein, Daniil Kvyat and Paul di Resta, for the seat at Williams.

Kubico with partial impairment in his right arm is striving for a come-back to F1 this year. Renault and Williams had tested his abilities as a potential driver three times each.

“100%? It depends. I have never been ready 100% even when I have been racing on my, let’s say, gold times,” he said while responding to question whether he was 100% ready.

“I have proved myself a lot and there are a lot of things which give me a lot of confidence and give me positive answers but the decision is not on my side.

“Whatever the outcome will be, of course when you are next to it, it would be nice but you never know, I want to live day by day. I still keep training, I still keep preparing as [if] I would have a chance.”

He admitted that F1 has changed and it will require time to get accustomed to certain prospects of it.

“There are things which require time because the last time I drove an F1 car was more than six years ago and F1 has changed a lot and you have to get knowledge about things to extract maximum from the car and I have learned a lot from my side and my confidence has gone up,” Kubica said.

He assured that he would not have comeback if he had doubts about his high level performance.

“I can have confidence and what I was looking for was to get a feeling and belief I can do it and that’s the most important,” he said.

“Of course I have to work harder because I have my limitations, and I have to prepare better and in a different way my body and mental strength, but that is part of my life.”


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