Raheem Sterling is not lucky whenever they met Liverpool

Raheem sterling will once again be the attention in the match between Manchester City against Liverpool tonight. Part of the reason is because of his comment recently about how they think they will play against Liverpool and another reason is because, Sterling who now is the star of Manchester City was once a Liverpool star player.
Fans of the Kop does not really like Sterling attitude and labelled him as Judas (who only pursue money instead of great chance to be in the club). Couple season ago, when Sterling contract was about to due, Liverpool was trying their luck to tied down the England born winger so that he could continued his service with the Reds.
Liverpool tried to increase a significant sum of increment for his salary. However, Sterling was not fancy by that and this therefore forcing Liverpool to have no other choice but to cash in the winger with the best suitor, manchester city.
Some football critics could understand Sterling move as because what Manchester City could offer was not just big sum of money, but also a stable chance to win trophies (one of the reason any players play football are to achieve a greater high with best club possible). In Fact, since his move to Manchester City, Sterling had already won primer league trophy, England Cup while Liverpool haven’t won any trophy since the departure of Sterling.
Sterling has so far become one of the star player for the City, however he could not copy his best form whenever City is facing Liverpool. In his last 9 matches facing his former club, Sterling haven’t score any goals.
City also got affected by Sterling sterile performance against Liverpool, as from that nine matches, City has to lose 6 times.
Sterling is of course hoping that his sterile performance could stop tonight when they face Liverpool once against. His contribution will really be a significant help for Manchester City who is now settling in the third position of English Premier League with the deficit of total 7 points from Liverpool.
Sterling is confident that they could beat Liverpool tonight: “The match in this evening will be very exciting to watch, but I am confident that we could defeat them.” Raheem Sterling told the media.

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