OG Announces Farewell to Pajkatt! iLTW Officially Performs Trial with OG

To welcome the 2019 tournament, it seems that OG is still looking for the best compositions for the players. And it seems that the steps that are now being taken by OG have succeeded in surprising many parties. Because The International 8 Championship team announced a fast break with their new player, Pajkatt.

Because this player himself joined on November 27, 2018, almost 2 months from the time he joined. The only thing he should be proud of is when he succeeded in bringing the OG team to the Bucharest minor tournament.

The chairman, N0tail, hinted that Pajkatt was still unsuitable and not yet in harmony with the OG team’s playing style.

“The player is a great player, and I feel lucky when I get the opportunity to learn from him. But as a new team to gain success the arrival of new players is a position that is difficult for anyone.”

Meanwhile Pajkatt in his statement also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to play.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play, it is a pity that some things didn’t work out, I hope OG will be successful for what will happen next.”

After OG’s farewell to Pajkatt, it seems they did not bother too much by directly finding a replacement. And it turns out, the figure they deem appropriate for conducting a trial is a young talent from Russia, Igor “iLTW” Filatov. iLTW itself will compete in their first tournament this year, WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness.

The player who will later occupy this carry position has previously strengthened several other teams, say Team Espada and Team Spirit. So with a number of these teams, he was able to repeatedly win the championship. Perhaps one of the achievements and things that cannot be forgotten by the man born in 1999 is when he won the 2017 World Electronic Sports Games.

How not, he who was still 18 years old was already side by side with 4 Virtus.pro players in defense of Russia. Some people commented that Igor’s name was still not prominent in being able to enter the OG team.

Even so, many supported OG’s move by saying “Wasn’t Topson used to know when he first joining OG.”

Indeed, Igor himself just plunged into the competitive world of Dota 2 in 2015. Of course there are still many people who don’t know him yet. But of course, the compatibility between players is the key so that the team’s condition remains intact and does not falter.

Because it looks like OG is still looking for a suitable figure to replace Ana, while Pajkatt is apparently not suitable.

Apart from playing the WePlay tournament! Dota 2 Winter Madness, Igor is also scheduled to play with the OG team in the Bucharest Minor tournament which will be held on 9 January 2019.

OG will face 7 other teams who will compete with one of them, a representative from Indonesia, namely BOOM ID.

Will this talented young player from Russia be able to replace the one who has not been replaced in the OG team? Certainly interesting to see how iLTW conducted a trial with the OG team. Hopefully they can win on their first debut in 2019!

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