The NBA release 2K18 game

As this Friday released the NBA 2K18 demo, players from the North American league have already been scrambling all summer to find out what their score would be in the simulation.

For the developers of the game, finding the exact value of the players becomes an increasingly important concern. In September, it is also the re-entry for the small world of the NBA and who says back on the floor. The 2018 version is going to release on September 15.

In recent years, NBA players have placed more and more importance on their score in the game, as well as on their performances.

It gives rise to beautiful sessions of trashtalking on social media before they have even resumed the training path but also to a monster job for developers of what is considered the current refrence of sport games.

While visiting Paris for the presentation on the press of 2K18, producer of the game, Rob Jones, said in more detail the whole process behind the figures so much awaited by the gamers and the baskestball players themselves. Without giving some details on how to manage baskets who would always want more for their virtual avatars.

After announcing to John Wall on twitter his score of 90, the leader of the Washington Wizards had been particularly annoyed, calling this 90 “joke.”

“The story with John Wall was quite funny,” Jones said. “When he tweeted that he was annoyed by his note, we know he’s a phenomenanl player, but he must also fit his place within his peers.” Jones said.

“If we assume that the best leader is worth a general of 95 and that Wall is 3rd or 4th best leader of the game, his score mmust match that.” he added.


Stepehen Curry and Kevint Durant in NBA 2K18. (

Producer of the NBA 2K series since 2001, Jones delivers the detail of the ratings, far from being a purely arbitrary result, but on the contrary the combination of many factors.

“Today, the NBA collects statistics more detailed than ever, in which direction a player likes to dribble, with which hand, how does he finish his penetrations to the left of the basket, their frequency, their success, etc..” Jones said.

“We start with these statistics the trend of each player to do a certain action and extrapolate it while taking into account the statistical leaders in each of the categories that are used as criteria.” senior producer added.

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