Max Verstappen will soon know if his car better or not

Red Bull had been really encouraged by the recent progress of their 2019 engine partners Honda. The team will adopt a different approach to their relationship with Japanese manufacture compared to the style of McLaren.

The Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will soon know whether his car is better or not ahead of the 2019 season, and it will be very easy to guess by seeing his head in the first interviews.

Accoring to Robert Doornbos, former driver of Formula 1, who thinks that his compatriot will not hide a possible disappointment to the 2019 Red Bull F1 car.

“Max will know immediately how successful the new car can be, so I’ll be curious to see his face after a couple of laps behind the wheel,” Doornbos said.

“If he is disappointed straight away, Max will not hide it. He’ll immediately be punching the table with his fist,” Doornbos added.

If Doornbos does not doubt the quality of the chassis of the future Red Bull, he wonders about the Honda engine that will be integrated.

“Last year, the car was one of the best on the grid, if not the best. It’s important for the Honda engine to be reliable and not inferior to the Ferrari and the Mercedes, and if it’s good enough, Max will have results because last year its engine was 70 hp lower.” Doornbos said.

Moreover, Doornbos already condemns Pierre Gasly against Verstappen, although the Frenchman recently said he did not come to Red Bull to be number 2.

“Pierre said he does not come to Red Bull to be second driver, but I think it’s better to stay silent. He’s lucky enough to be in a top-notch squad, but for now it’s better for him not to get attention because he has no chance with Verstappen.” Doornbos said.

Red Bull (centre) joins forces with Honda in 2019. (

Apparently hardcore of Verstappen, Doornbos implies that few pilots have the courage to go up against his compatriot.

“Of course, there are not many pilots who would like to team up with Max, Lewis Hamilton can talk about it but it will not happen.” The Dutchman said.

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