Marquez: “I don’t need to change anything”

Honda’s Marc Marquez is now a six-time World Championship following a dramatic final battle at Valencia last season.

But the Spaniard had faced a stiffer test from Ducati underdog Andrea Dovizioso, who proved to be a formidable and aggressive opponent.

This is how the rumor goes back and forth and begins to increase, on a possible successor to Marquez at the Repsol Honda Team in 2019.

Speaking to media, Marquez told every year people always discuss which great rider to replace his position at Honda but nothing happens at all.

“Every year, the story of my replacement begins earlier and earlier. With Honda, we started talking, but there is no rush to have.” Marquez said.

“My priority was to start the pre-season and be comfortable with the bike, see what improvements could be made.

“I always focus on the same thing, be good with the bike and continue to work with Honda. We talked about it, but I also have to discuss it with other manufacturers like Ducati, KTM, Yamaha and the others.

“I am motivated and the results are there, I don’t need to change anything to something that works and that suit me, I will evaluate things gradually.” Marquez added.

The 24-year-old has been with Red Bull since the beginning of his career. KTM on the other hand, they will be interested in signing the Baby Allien in 2019.

Marc Marquez Valencia test action. (

However, Marquez refused to be hired by another team with the amounts of the money. He claimed that self-satisfaction to achieve victory is more important than money.

“I will not think much of money. I’ve achieved happiness for long time. But Satisfaction has been eluded me so far.” Marquez said.

When asked about his younger brother – Alex Marquez, Marquez admitted his brother put too much pressure on himself when joined Moto2 in 2015.

“It would not bother me but I will not interfere in it. Alex has to prove himself on the track. He won the Moto3 and in Moto2 he did good things.” Marquez said.

“He still has things to learn in Moto2 and I hope the upcoming season will be good for him. If he was to arrive in MotoGP, he is certainly my brother, but on the track, I will consider him a rival just like the other drivers.” Marquez added.

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