Manchester City at the Edge of a Fall

The world might be cruel to City. Once City lost to Spurs in the first leg of the English Premier League quarter-final, City were immediately lost from media reports. News about the English Premier League was filled with Klopp’s optimism, the fierce Spurs and MU’s dynamics. Klopp may be proud of him at this time, although City is still a tough rival for Liverpool at the top of the English Premier League.

Spurs also looked fierce with his new stadium, Spurs crashed Huddersfield 4 goals without reply. MU even though it was considered not a terrific performance, after losing to Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, but MU was lucky to be able to win 2-1 against West Ham.

Indeed, Liverpool are currently chasing each other at the top of the English Premier League with City, as in 2014. But Liverpool at this time, may be said to be different from Liverpool in 2014. At that time Liverpool was strengthened by duo SS, Suarez Sturridge, with manager Brendan Roger. At that time City managed to win the top of the English Premier League with a difference of 2 points from Liverpool. The fierce competition situation, which Pep has revealed that there is a possibility that the English Premier League champions will only occur with a goal difference. City also won the English Premier League Champion with only a goal difference, with MU.

Liverpool at this time, not just different from Liverpool 2014. Especially the Liverpool manager, Klopp, looks more confident than Pep, City manager, in the face of the future in the final match of the season. Especially after City narrowly lost to Spurs, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final match.

Klopp’s confidence in the future will side with Liverpool, not baseless. In the English Premier League, of the 5 remaining matches, Liverpool live to face Chelsea as a big team. Liverpool also have a great chance of qualifying for the Champions League semifinals, not even closed to the possibility of final.

While City of the 5 final matches of the English Premier League season, still have to face 2 strong teams, Spurs and MU. City even just narrowly lost to Spurs and will host Spurs 2 times a week ahead. One match in the Champions League quarter-final II leg, one other match, followed by the English Premier League match. If City slipped again, then the quadruple fighter would disappear and be swallowed up by the earth.

City also have bad experiences in the English Premier League this season. Almost all teams are not only big teams, even small teams, have the opportunity to beat City. Unlike Liverpool, which only lost to City fi English Premier League. Therefore, City’s away game to Crystal Palace should not be taken lightly. City’s bad security can repeat itself.


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