Macau Govt must open-up to new players: David Chow

Macau casino market is currently open to only six competitors, whom licenses are set to expire between 2020 and 2022. As the date approaches for the authorities to decide market fate and shares, different opinions of the concerned figures have surfaced on and off.

Recently, David Chow Kam Fai expressed his opinion about the matter in which he stated that current public gaming concessionaires shall be joined by two to three more operators.

On Thursday while attending an advisory board annual meeting of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Beijing, Mr Chow – Chief Executive and Co-Chairman of Macau Legend Development Limited, which is listed in Hong Kong Casino services- said in a statement about Macau market, “The market requires competition to progress. If the situation remains the same, where [gaming concessionaires] maintain their way of operation, any growth will only go to them [existing operators].

“If the market is big enough, there is no problem for Macau to have two or even three more [casino licences].

“I believe Macau people should have more opportunities to take part [in the gaming industry]. I am not pressuring the government, but I think the opportunities should be provided,” he added.

“Currently, the majority of the market share of the gaming industry [in Macau] is controlled by non-local companies… Who do you think are the real beneficiaries? Are there chances for local people [to become a casino operator in Macau]?”

The Macau Legend CEO has been of the same view and he had expressed his views about it. He has asked the Macau government to promote local gaming sector, especially by leasing more licenses for the game to satellite operating casinos. He even expressed his company’s interest for the new licenses and said that it would “fight for it”.

According to Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau statistics, 16 different licenses rights are being provided for Satellite Casinos by SJM Holdings to third parties. The bigger share is being managed by SJM while Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd and Melco Resorts and Entertainment limited are also subsidizing their rights at Casino Waldo, Rio Casino and Casino President and Casino Taipa Square respectively.

Deputy Chairman and Executive Director, Hoffman Ma Ho Man, of Success Universe Group Ltd shared similar views about opening the market to new players as it would help the local investors.

The group is currently working under SJM Holding license at Ponte 16 Casino, which they aim to run independently.


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