Lorenzo is not disturbed to be labelled arrogant

Repsol Honda rider Jorge Lorenzo said he was not disturbed by the assumption that he was an arrogant person in MotoGP. Lorenzo has been considered arrogant since his debut in the premier class in the 2008 season.

At that time, Lorenzo was often reported to have a bad relationship with his team-mate at Yamaha, Valentino Rossi. Lorenzo is said often being disrespectful towards Rossi who is more senior and also has the status of a living legend of MotoGP.

As a result, the term arrogant rider is still attached to Lorenzo until now. Remembering those times, Lorenzo claimed he did nothing wrong. Because, he always wanted to win, including to defeat Rossi. “Because of carelessness and indifference, I am not afraid of anyone when I come to MotoGP,” Lorenzo said.

“At that time I said publicly that I did not want to make mythology about Valentino Rossi because no one was invincible,” Lorenzo said.

Furthermore, Lorenzo realized his attitude when debuting in MotoGP made many people think negatively. Even so, Lorenzo made sure that attitude did not relate to personal aspect, but only during the competition.

“Maybe that’s why people see me as an arrogant person, but I really am not afraid of anything or anyone,” Lorenzo said. “I always do my best, beat myself and respect other riders, because we risk our lives,” said the Spaniard. “But behind it all, I have never hated anyone,” Lorenzo added.

At the moment Lorenzo is already on the Repsol Honda team and becomes the tandem of Marc Marquez. He already realized that fighting Marquez as a rival would be more difficult than against Rossi.

“It will be more difficult to fight Marc Marquez because of his speed, attack and hunger for victory,” Lorenzo said. “He is 26 years old, he is a world champion and knows the Honda motorbike is much better than me.”

Jorge Lorenzo is now preparing with the Repsol Honda crew to look at the next race series, the Argentina MotoGP 2019. The second 2019 MotoGP series is scheduled to take place on the Termas de Rio Hondo Autodromo on March 29-31.

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