Lewis Hamilton admits to being sometimes nervous

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton on Tuesday was able to discuss various topics regarding the championship in Formula 1. He admitted having sometimes felt a great nervousness.

The four-time champion finished fifth last time out as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel took victory at the Canadian Grand Prix to take the lead in the F1 table standings.

“There are certainly times when I was nervous, but I do not think it’s a bad thing. There are only 21 races and each of them is so crucial that you can not afford to make a mistake.” Hamilton said.

“When you practice, practice and practice and then you don’t reach what you know you can do, it’s painful, when you reach your goals, you become more confident. You have less to worry about your environment. If you are at your best, there is nothing different to do.” Hamilton added.

The 33-year-old driver also added about diversity in auto sports, while he regretted a few months ago that Formula 1 has not welcomed other drivers of colour than him.

“I think it’s crazy that we have this incredible sport, in which there is finally very little diversity. It’s not as diversified as it should be in our day,” Hamilton said.

“It’s almost impossible to get into Formula 1 or even the bottom of the ladder, in karting, because it’s very expensive. Personally, my family could not afford it, even at the time we could not afford it, but even worse today.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton finished fifth at the Canadian Grand Prix. (Source:www.motorauthority.com)

“There are many different things that motivate me, my desire to win this championship is greater than it has ever been different things in my life and I have all these other interests, but none of this would be possible without the race.

“At the center of everything is the race, and it’s above everything else, I have spent a lot of time, dedication and sacrifice to get where I am today and I like what I do, I like the competition and the challenges it offers.” Hamilton added.

The Briton hoped F1 can avoid another boring race at French Grand Prix this weekend. Comparatively uninteresting back-to-back races in Monaco and Canada GP led to criticism from fans, Hamilton was claiming this year’s Monaco GP was one of the most boring races in the history of the sports.

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