Kuala Lumpur Major: EG in Fall, NiP Abstinence

Still far from over, Kuala Lumpur Major is increasingly fierce, both in the lower bracket, especially the upper bracket!

Yesterday (12/11), farewell was sent to the Aster and Gambit Esports teams. While Evil Geniuses, Vici Gaming, Fnatic, and Alliance must be careful because their upper bracket lives are already used.

The last four teams above have to navigate the lower bracket today (13/11). Alliance is competing at this time also against TNC Predator. While Vici Gaming met paiN X, Fnatic against J.Storm, and Evil Geniuses versus Forward Gaming. The upper bracket match was no less intense with super big match of PSG.LGD and Secret, followed by Virtus.pro against Ninjas in Pajamas.

There may not be many surprises on the lower bracket with leading teams such as Fnatic and Vici Gaming advancing without significant obstacles. EG, on the other hand, must have a fairly difficult match even though Forward Gaming is not in the best form at the Kuala Lumpur Major. But a number of previous meetings, EG which was fronted by Sumail was superior to his older brother, Yawar, who played on Forward Gaming.

NiP is ready to step with Secret to make a surprise. 33 absence was a windfall for the PPD team because the successor, Mind_contRoL was able to lift NiP’s performance to a higher level. Action against VP will prove whether PPD’s defeat of the CIS powerhouse will continue, or end with the help of Mind_contRoL?

Secret and PSG.LGD is in the highest teeth. Secret has won several events before landing in Kuala Lumpur. While PSG.LGD returns to their frightening image as in the Pro Circuit season and when they won the Major back to back tournament.

Secret with an innovative draft may make it difficult for fy and friends, but from what we have witnessed since the opening of the Kuala Lumpur Major, PSG.LGD was also skilled at adopting the strategy of Puppey. Surely the battle of the two teams will be very fierce, but it still has to be patiently awaited because it will only last three days.

Give your prediction which team will pass the lower bracket, guys?

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