Confidence is boosting with F1 experience: Charles Leclerc

Leclerc Canada F1 Suaber

Charles Leclerc confidence has been boosting by his successful drives in FIA Formula One World Championship this season.

Leclerc has been in the spot light after his record breaking victory in Formula 2 Championship. Likewise, his Formula 1 performance in Suaber has caught the attention of many. He managed to score in last three races out of four and was able to hold on to the 10th position at Canadian Grand Prix.

Monégasque driver’s splendid drives has gained him 10 points in his first ever season of Formula 1. His team-mate Marcus Ericsson was able to gain one more point throughout his career.

Leclerc, while talking to Sky F1, said: “Formula 1 is a very complex environment and week after week I keep understanding it more.

“It’s very difficult and very complex and I did not expect that much of a step from Formula 2 to Formula 1. Definitely my confidence keeps growing.”

Leclerc started his F1 career this year where he aced sixth place in Azerbaijan and tenth place in Canada cumulating points to 10.

Sauber F1 team performed with their mature, calm and quick Leclerc. He was able to hold off quick Pierre Gasly’s Toro Rosso.

“I’m extremely happy,” Leclerc added. “It was probably the hardest race for us, coming from a brake failure in Monaco to probably the hardest track for brakes.

“We learnt from our errors and we managed it very well. P10 with one point again, I’m extremely happy for the team.”

Favorite for Ferrari

Leclerc, 20-year-old, performance has been on the radar. His performance might land him at Ferrari as Raikkonen is expected to leave.

Nico Rosberg, who won 2016 Championship, said in Canada: “He’s getting bigger and bigger on Ferrari’s radar.”

Martin Brundle regarded Leclerc as a complete package and recommended him as Raikkonen replacement.

Brundle said, “Leclerc looks the real deal to me. He is out-performing his Sauber car just like Alonso and Webber did in a Minardi, like Senna did in a Toleman and Schumacher in a Jordan.

“He stands out a mile and really impressed me a month ago in Spain when he didn’t wilt with Fernando Alonso on his tail. He clearly has the head for F1, and he just looks like the complete package.”


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