AS Roma: Club that is Respected, but Lack of Championship Title

For lovers of Italian football including Romanisti around the world, clearly know the Profile of the AS Roma Team. This club was founded in 1927, when it was unable to realize Mussolino’s wish for a club from North Italy to end its status. In fact, with a few titles won by the team from the Italian capital.

If we discuss regarding Italian Serie A competition, Roma can only win Gerla champions three times. As for the Coppa Italia, the club only collected nine titles. In fact, in the Italian Super Cup competition, the club, dubbed the Giallorossi, only won two titles, namely in 2001 and 2007. When playing in Serie B, AS Roma won the 1951-1952 season.

Speaking at the International arena, the club won only one prestigious title, the UEFA Cup in the 1960-1961 season. However, for his junior competition, Rome can be said to be quite dominant. Given the Campionato Nazionale Primavera event, the club’s young squad has successfully won six titles. For the Coppa Italia Primavera, they have collected three titles.

Therefore, many of the junior players Roma have become stars, such as Daniele De Rossi and Alberto Aquailani. If we look at the Soccer Player Biodata Daniel de Rossi, it is indeed a success and also his colleague who first left.

History The formation of the AS Roma Club

In 1927, the full name of the club Associazione Sportiva Roma was founded by Italo Foschi. Maybe one of you doesn’t know, if this club is the result of the merger of the three clubs that were already standing. Among others, such as Roman, Fortitudo and Alba-Audace.

Not many know, too, that the Football Player’s Lifestyle is not as prominent as the other teams. That’s because they get a tough task to be able to remove the status of the minimum degree. But, the family that is in this club is very worried, both from the staff, players and also their supporters.

That is the result of the merger of the three clubs mentioned, is the initiative of the fascist dictator known in Italy, Benito Mussolini. The main objective of the formation of this club was to form the strongest club in the capital to end the dominance of North teams in Italy.

When it became a professional club in its first year, AS Roma was then headquartered at Motovelodromo Appio. Before they moved in Campo Testaccio which could be used in November 1929.

Interesting Facts at AS Roma

  • Francesco Totti is a respected player, even many people who dub him the Prince of Rome. That is because the player is very loyal with the team he is supporting. In fact, he became the most record holder at the club like the number of matches he played in various competitions and also the best scorer in Rome.
  • After Franco Sensi died, Rosella Sensi who was the son of the club president took over the club.
  • Rome has inaugurated to retire number 6, which was done in honor of Aldair. The Brazilian has played AS Roma for 13 seasons, from 1990 to 2003.
  • This club bearing the Wolf logo is an illustration of the myths of Romulus and Remus. Where tells of the formation of the city of Rome.
  • The song which is also the motto of Rome is La Roma non si discute, the ama. Certainly the romanisti knew very well the singer named Antonello Venditti.


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