Artifact Tournament Preview, Crowded with TCG Pro Player Until Dota 2

Valve is preparing to release its new game which is an adaptation of Dota 2 but with Hearthstone-style gameplay, the Artifact. The card game that adapts the universe from Dota 2 will indeed be released in the near future, while Valve has also given access to play this game first to influencer or people who do have a large share in the future Artifact ecosystem. Not only that, in collaboration with one of the organizers who are quite experienced in the esports industry, they also held a tournament which was being held by inviting professional players from the legendary card game Magic The Gathering, Joel “heffaklumpen” Larsson, player Gwent, Mogawai until captain of Dota 2 champion The International 2018, Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi.

Some of the names above are part of 128 players who received invitations to take part in this Artifact tournament. Even though this game has not been released yet, this tournament is intended to show what the competitive level of the Artifact is, especially the participating players who are experienced in their fields so that you who don’t understand or even plan to buy this game can immediately understand what gameplay is as well as strategies to complie decks like pro players.

What’s interesting about this tournament is that KuroKy previously defeated veteran Hearthstone from Austria with a score of 2-1 but had to be defeated by Heffaklumpen who had managed to secure the grand final slot without losing even with a 7-0 victory.

In the grand final round, Heffaklumpen will fight pro Gwent players, namely Mogawai who have collected 6-1 victory points. Oh yeah, if you hope that KuroKy will continue in the Artifact competition it seems that you have to be patient, through his official Twitter revealing that he is going to retire from the competitive Artifact, he also wished good luck to the teams that are still struggling at the Kuala Lumpur Major.

The grand final of the Artifact Preview Tournament will be broadcast to the public at the end of November, possibly in conjunction with the release date. Besides that, there is also good news for players who have gained prior access to this game on the 17th November, are allowed to share all information related to the Artifact, from live streaming to creating articles, tutorials, videos and so on. Unlike before there were players who got access first but published the contents of the game and then got protests from both the community and from Valve until finally access was revoked.

For those of you who get beta access, you can access the Artifact starting on November 19, while for those of you who want to buy it, the Artifact will be sold for $20 USD.

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