Andrea Iannone says 2018 looks promising for Suzuki

Andrea Ianonne will have to wait for Suzuki to start achieving a little more flattering results being able to really fight with the leading riders. With thirteenth place overall and 70 points after 18 races last season, his 2017 record will not have been excellent.

Speaking to Motorsport, the 28-year-old rider admitted that Suzuki’s 2017 season has been obstructed by choosing the wrong specification of engine.

“This season has not been easy for us and it has certainly been more difficult than expected. When we tested the GSX-RR at Valencia last year, my feeling was very good and with the whole team, we thought we could get god results but that was not easy during the competition.” Iannone said.

“Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Although the first race in Qatar was good, we started to experience difficulties and it took me a long time to get used to the Suzuki. My chief mechanic, Marco Rigamonti, and I were new to the Suzuki team, which meant we had to start from scratch with the knowledge of the bike and the working philosophy of the Japanese company.” Iannone added.

The Italian rider added that 2018 season seems more promising than last year. And he believes the new technical solutions on bike will give a positive result.

“Each MotoGP team is different and when you come from a specific environment for many years, it’s very difficult to change the way you work and even solve your problems.” Iannone said.

“But by spending time at the box, you learn to trust your colleagues and take advantage of the many things they can explain and teach you about the bike.

“Patience and concentration are the key to success, it’s something I’ve always believed in. And we showed it again this year. We continued to work step by step. We were very frustrated, but even in the darkest moments. We never lost confidence in hard work.” former Ducati’s added.

Andrea Iannone’s 2017 season has been obstructed by choosing the wrong specification of engine. (

Iannone and his team-mate Alex Reins stayed at Aragon for a two day test in September, continuing to compare the 2016 and 2017 engines and also evaluate chassis improvements for the forthcoming flyway races.

“At Brno and Aragon, new technical solutions on the bike reinforced our convictions: we found the errors, we found solutions and 2018 seems more promising. This result is that of the team’s work, that’s the key.” Iannone added.

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