7 Collection of Stunning Action in The International Dota 2

Memories with the International epic actions will be endless. Of the thousands of DOTA 2 matches presented, each person has his own favorite moments.

But there are some iconic events from the previous TI that have always managed to present tension and agreed to be as the highlight of the enjoyment of watching The International. What are the moments?

  • The International 1

The first TI is the door of opportunity for selected professional players to show what ca be done in DOTA 2 and what DOTA 2 can show players and spectators. Although still in beta graphics, it did not affect the stunning action displayed by the first generation waves.

You could say the first TI is the birthplace of Natus Vincere. The iconic squad that has now become a legend often produces brilliant magical actions. Especially their passion for using the ultimate hero like Enigma and Tidehunter, plus Puck. Dendi became the world’s best midlaner of his time.

  • The International 2

The more the year goes by, the competition becomes an increasingly difficult to become TI champion. The participant team is getting stronger even though Na’Vi is still one of the favorites thanks to their beautiful actions. With Puppey’s game brain, which creates game innovation as well as the most classy spectacle that has ever existed in the history of The International.

“The Play” as it’s called, is the moment when Na’Vi was trapped in the Invictus Gaming trap. Rely on Song of the Siren, Vacuum, and Ravage to lock all Na’Vi players in one death location. Not unexpectedly Puppey had estimated the strategy and fought back using Enigma, Rubick, and Juggernaut.

Thanks to the early BKB purchased by LightofHaven, as well as Dendi’s quick reaction with Rubick, instead IG, who was consumed by his own trap, made Enigma no need to bother looking for a Blackhole position while Dendi was deft enought to take Ravage to crush IG heroes.

  • The International 3

Quite a number of unique actions took place at Benaroya Hall. Starting from the euphoria of Bulba beating the flagship of China, “Fountain Hook”, and of course the Million Dollar Dream Coil. But which one is most memorable in the hearts of DOTA 2 lovers?

The choice of the author to fall on the Million Dollar Dream Coil is definitely the most tense action in TI 3, especially if you watch the entire final match. Withdrawal of attacks, cunning of Admiral Bulldog and class from Gustav Magnusson thwarted Puppey and Dendi’s escape while giving Alliance his first TI degree.

  • The International 4

One of the most classy plus thrilling moments in TI 4 was watching Mushi surrounded and trying to escape the invasion of the trio of Evil Geniuses. Using a pretty tanky Death Prophet, he was caught in the action of Moonlight Shadow Tidehunter, Razor, and Ursa.

Stay calm, Mushi uses the forest cracks to disrupt the vision of the three attackers for 30 seconds. Luckily the help of Living Armor can give enough time for Mushi to escape the last blow of Razor which has already taken hundreds of extra damage from Death Prophet.

  • The International 5

The time for North America is shining. Continuing the baton of the magical boy from Dendi, which began to fade, The International Sumail’s debut ended sweetly. This arrogant yet very talented child is an idol and a target of the DOTA 2 community criticism. Although he often shows brave actions full of risks, but not Sumail who stole the attention of fans.

It is Universe with his Earthshaker creating a 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam moment. The most jerky way to break down your opponent’s confidence while locking victory. I was so excited, the TobiWan caster was also immortalized in the epic chat wheel as a reflection of the chaos that happened at that time.

  • The International 6

Evil Geniuses is again involved in the most tense action in the history of The International. In the mission of completing “the impossible comeback”, EG survived desperately facing the onslaught of mega creep plus EHOME.

Getting mega creeps doesn’t make EHOME calm, their hero composition can’t be stripped in war, but somehow the EHOME players fall out one by one with EG’s burst damage tactics. The heightened panic makes EHOME confused between defending or attacking without certainty, where EG is getting solid even though their defense is open until it finally succeeds in ‘allowing’ the impossible in the minds of many people at that time.

  • The International 7

The public has high expectation for Liquid in TI seventh. Being an idol until labeled the world’s best DOTA 2 player, they are just lacking symbolic recognition, namely the Aegis of Champion throne. That doubt was finally answered in 2017. In the final against Newbee, we were presented with the action “Miracle-Show”.

With a quick reaction, he escaped from the opponent’s disable barrage, and attacked to remove the ultimate Omnislash while leveling the Newbee players from the battle. Courage and calmness Miracle – in difficult situations makes it very popular with fans and often does unexpected things like this one moment.

The International 8 is in sight, surely a lot of epic actions occur from preliminary to playing events later. What kind of moments will they show at TI 8?


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