De Rossi’s Tattoos and His Lifestyle

Not only in general circles, it turns out that tattoos are now becoming a trend among soccer players. However, Daniele De Rossi’s love of tattoos has been a long time ago. To find out more about the latest tattoo of the AS Roma captain, let’s see the news together.

Some football lovers still wonder why many football players today are tattooed. Where the soccer players have tattoos on their hands, feet, or in the body area. The question was immediately welcomed with a variety of answers, but generally let it look cool. In fact, now tattoos have become a lifestyle and current trends.

Tattooed European football players like Daniele De Rossi certainly have their own meaning for him. Moreover, tattoos at the feet of De Rossi that give a warning to his opponent to be vigilant when dealing with him. Where the tattoo has a yellow triangle.

Inside is a picture of the one who is fighting over the ball with a tackle. As we know, the 35-year-old AS Roma player was indeed unhappy with glamorous life like most European footballers. Where he prefers to make tattoos that have meaning in his life both in football or his family.

The lifestyle of this Football Player One is indeed happy in terms of art and doesn’t really like night parties, alcoholic drinks or anything else that can ruin his career. With his love in the art world, the player thinks that soccer is an art in the sport.

Unmitigated, the player with the position of the Giallorossi midfielder also made a tattoo depicting Teletubbies. Where he considered that the children’s cartoons looked funny and at the same time reminded himself of his beloved child. This was done because De Rossi often accompanied his son who watched the cartoon.

What is done by the original Italian players is indeed somewhat surprising for all circles. Given De Rossi is a figure who is firm and fierce, but on the other hand has the gentleness of a father. Considering European Football Players Muslin Taat certainly won’t do it even though tattoos are the current lifestyle.

De Rossi’s Simple Love Against Rome

Veteran AS Roma player Daniele De Rossi has a remarkable commitment with the club from the Italian capital. He also admitted that he always loved America and the row in his team. De Rossi himself is a great figure from the Luxury Life of other European Football Players.

Remembering that he is currently the captain of the team after replacing Francesco Totti who first hung his shoes. Both of these players have such a simple character, although the salary earned by De Rossi and the Giallorossi is fantastic. However, the player chose to live a simple life with his family.

Although De Rossi’s name in the past few seasons has often become news in various media. Where the player himself continues to consider his future with the club. The number of Latest Football Player News in the transfer market yesterday, he immediately clarified the news.

If he still wants to continue to defend AS Roma until he decides to retire later. Certainly, many already know about De Rossi, who from childhood until now he still survives with this club. Most likely, he could follow in the footsteps of the Roman prince, Francesco Totti, who was hanging shoes at the age of 40 years.

“It’s simple, the choice that I made is because I am still happy here. I have decided to stay with my friends, family, supporters of the club and this jersey. Although it can be said this is quite selfish for me,” De Rossi told the media.

“I myself feel lucky, because there is nothing in my mind to pretend. My love is so great for Rome and it is felt while on the pitch,” he added.


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